Friday, August 5, 2011

A Comparison of Five Pet Health Insurance Plans

Your Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance
It doesn’t matter if you have already decided to purchase health insurance for the family pet or if you are simply. When you are comparing the quote of one health insurance quote to another remember that the base dollar amount is not the only number you have to consider. In addition to the monthly payment make sure you also check out exactly what type of veterinary care and treatments are covered (some basic insurance plans do not include cancer treatment), what kind of deductible you, the pet owner, will be expected to pay, is there a yearly cap on medical expenses, and what type of discounts are available.
    At the moment there are only a handful of companies that offer pet health insurance. Five of the most popular companies are Pets Best Pet Insurance, Veterinary Pet Insurance, Shelter Care, Pets Health and Pet Care.

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    An insurance plan through Pets Best Pet Insurance will cost approximately $32.00 a month ($384.00 annually). Pets Best will cover pet sterilization provided the pet owner purchases an additional wellness plan. Pets Best does not cover pre-existing medical conditions a pet has so its best to insure them early in life before problems develop. Pets Best has a life time limit of $99,750 dollars per pet. Pets Best health insurance plans come with a $75.00 deductible. Multiple pet discounts are available. Pet’s Best pet health insurance does cover cancer.
    Veterinary Pet Insurance is a company that offers pet owner a $14,000 a year cap on an insurance plan that only costs approximately $20.00 dollars a month. Veterinary Pet Insurance offers plans with a $50.00 deductible (after the deductible they pay ninety percent of the bill) on plans that include pet sterilization and cancer coverage. Veterinary Pet Insurance does not accept pre-existing conditions and does not offer multi-pet discounts.
    Shelter Care is a pet insurance that cost pet's owners approximately $29.95. For that $29.95 there is absolutely no deductible and cancer treatments are covered. Shelter Care will not pay for pet sterilization nor will they cover any pre-existing conditions. Shelter Care does not have a benefit cap. Shelter Care offers premium discounts for multi-pet plans, medical service, and micro-chips.
    A pet health insurance policy through Pets Health insurance company will cost the pet owner approximately $37.17 dollars per month. Pets Health covers 80% of the pets vet bill after the $100.00 dollar deductible is paid. Pets Health has a $13,000 dollar cap on each per year. Pet Health does insure pre-existing conditions after ninety days. Multi-pet discounts are available through Pet Health. Pets Health does offer pet health insurance plans that cover cancer on a case by case basis. 
    Pet Care is a pet health insurance company that estimates the average cost for a policy for a pet is $29.95 a month. This plan includes a fifty dollar deductible. While Pet Care is happy to cover the cost your pet’s cancer treatments they will not pay for any pre-existing conditions nor will they pay for pet sterilization. Pet Care offers discounts for multi-pet plans and medical service.
    None of the estimated monthly prices for these insurance companies include any extra insurances riders.
    Any one or all of these companies can change their policies between now and the time you purchase a pet health insurance plan.
    Remember to read the fine print before you sign up for a pet health insurance plan.
    All five of these pet health insurance companies have their own websites where you can go to get up to date pet health insurance quotes.
    There are other pet health insurance companies with different prices, discounts, stipulations, and benefit caps if you are not content with the previous five comparisons.

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